Thursday, January 3, 2008

Skateboard Fresh at Cafe Asia | The Clear Up: Shuddafukup

Remember I covered the Shuddafukup party at Cafe Asia (1750 Eye Street NW) (Click here if you missed this) Well, Mitch is throwing another party at Cafe Asia this weekend called Skateboard Fresh hosted by Stevie Williams (Mitch schooled me on him). Still, I had to address his note on Facebook first, which I feel is addressed towards me (although he never explicitly says that it is):

Let me preface this post by saying The Fab Empire is a single opinion by me, your girl, Joi-Marie. I appreciate that Mitch took my concerns for his Shuddafukup flier seriously but in no way is my critique defined as "hate".

To further clarify my point: if it wasn't for the party scene, the clubs, the promoters, The Fab Empire wouldn't exist. We don't hate on fact, we're trying to make you better as well as nightlife in DC (and Baltimore, NY and Boston)!

So, in 2008 let's take a step back. And yes, because I am a college graduate with a degree in Communication, I also understand that we as educated persons need to be kept socially responsible. No matter what the image, it's a violent image and the fact that two women are in the advertisement doesn't make it any better. 

If you use violence to attract party-goers then I wonder what kind of party-goers you will attract.


Shuddafukup Marketing/Events- Is it REEL?
7:27pm Saturday, Dec 22, 2007

It has been brought to our attention that there has been talk based on misinterpretation regarding the symbolism of the images used in our Shuddafukup Marketing/Events. Since Facebook is a college based network we naturally assumed that our educated FB homies wouldn't judge at a first glance and would scrutinize what we were really trying to display… but we guess u know what they say happens when you assume (j/k). Anyway just to clear the air below is your answer! The definition of SHUDDAFUKUP

Pronunciation: \shut\ da' phuc-up

1) In our Shuddafukup marketing we sarcastically say Shuddafukup (meaning u must be kidding). We attempt to depict the absurdity of situations through the shock value of the images we use. We want the people who view our flyers to examine them and find that message. For example in our Memoirs of a Sex pistol flyer, if you examine the flyer closely, it is not a man and women but actually two women. In this flyer we are displaying that blowing a person's head off is unacceptable, so our response is…SHUDDAFUKUP.

2) Tyra Banks was accused of promoting violence against woman in one of her Top Model episodes. She had the models take photographs of women covered in blood etc. When the media interpreted this as promoting violence against women she responded by saying that it was exactly what she was advocating against. She purposely did that show to take a stand against violence towards women. We use a similar method is choosing the images for our Shuddafukup event marketing.

When You Think of the SHUDDAFUKUP Event, Think of This: Remember, these aren't simply theme parties or events and NOTHING we do is without thought or purpose. Shuddafukup is an attitude. It's about knowing that swagger is a liability, it's about loving haters, it's about being U. So don't worry about your Diddy diet or about preserving your sexy, you already are. Tell the Lames to RELAX and watch you while you Shuddafukup and party.

We normally don't do this, So for our Facebook Wangsters, Educated facebook dope boys, College Facebook Hustlers and Be Boy Facebook Honeys please take it ALL in.

Have a Happy New Year
"No Pain, No Profit"
DT 4


Now that that's out of the way, this Saturday Mitch and the Dream Team are doing it again for the 08. Cafe Asia has been consistent for the past couple weeks so we'll see if Mitch can pull it he really debuting a new drink called Mitchy Mitch??? You giving out free samples too?

I wonder if they'll be skateboard ramps here?? Oh yea, google Steve Williams if you don't know who he dude. He was in Lupe's "Kick Push" video if that helps.

Stay Fab!