Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Recap: Viva Las Vegas | Body English | Poetry at Ceasar's | 40/40 | Moon | Playboy Club

I'm back from Vegas and I couldn't be more exhausted. Three hours of jetlag takes a toll. Anyway, in Vegas, I couldn't help but look around at some clubs there...they're nothing like DC. It's like a scene out of movie...too fab!

Body English at Hard Rock Cafe (a little off the strip) is like going to a less sweaty and sexier rave. With dramatic chandeliers and lights that make you feel more intoxicated than you really are this place is great if you love to dance.

They even have a special stage for ladies only who really want to show off their moves. Of course we took that over!

(Photo: The crowd at Body English)

(Photo: Mims performed on Dec. 30 at Body English)

(Photo: Mims performing "This is Why I'm Hot" at Body English)

For New Year's Eve we went to the only nightspot that plays hip hop and R&B all night long. Poetry in Ceasar's Palace was probably one of the cheapest clubs to get into; only charging $150 with other clubs like 40/40 charging up to $800 (Although I heard they ended up dropping their prices to $200 due to the fact that the club was hardly ready to open and it was wack inside)

Poetry is a unique place with many places to lounge and a main dancefloor near the DJ booth. You can party while looking over the Forum Shops in Ceasar's.

DJ Kid Capri spun two songs and E-40 performed ALLLLL of his songs! I didn't even know he had that many. The Bay area was reppin' hard...I felt...well, LOST! (I missed my East Coast)

(Photo: E-40 performing songs I've never heard of)

We did drop by Jay Z's new 40/40 club. This place was hardly ready to be open with food being shipped over from the Venetian hotel next door (food took up to 1.5 hours to get) and watered down drinks (I think my apple martini was clear), it's clear that Jay should have waited to get his stuff tight.

The service was friendly but that's probably because everyone looked lost and confused. Still, the architecture and decor was on point and in a matter of time it's clear that Las Vegas' 40/40 will be the place to be.

It's set up like a man's dream with HD flat screen TVs in every corner of the club, including private rooms, each with a separate theme.

(Photo: Every table in 40/40 makes it feel like you're VIP)
(Photo: The Sapphire Room in 40/40)

I couldn't leave Vegas without visiting the Playboy Club in the Palms hotel. Little did I know the Playboy Club was more like a casino, but Moon nightclub (which is connected to Playboy and only an escalator away) was by far my favorite. With the biggest dancefloor and girls dancing on tables the whole night, I love going to the Moon (literally!!!)

(Photo: The entranceway into the Playboy Club)

(Photo: On the walls of the Playboy Club pin ups and magazine covers are blown up)

(Photo: Inside of Moon nightclub)