Thursday, December 13, 2007

Black College Reunion | 1837 M | Shuddafukup?

This weekend, people are already asking me where to go in the District. Well ask no further, it's all right here. We'll call this, TheFab Rundown!

Friday, Dec. 14, LGI along with DJ Goldenboy are having their usual at Fur (33 Patterson NE). We all know how I feel about Fur...with youngin's running around and watered down drinks in cups the size of sippie cups. It's just not my cup of tea, but go see for yourself!


Sayo thought he could rename Penang and no one would notice, but his party, 1837M (which is the address of Penang) is happening this Friday, Dec. 14.

A Baltimore favorite, DJ K.I. will be on the 1s and 2s and make sure you buy Sayo a drink, it's his birthday!


Is anyone else not feeling these Shuddafukup adverstisements? I mean, I could let the half-naked-white-girl-screaming-for-no-reason flyer go...but the man putting the pistol in the woman's mouth is just...HORRIBLE!!! What are you trying to promote at your parties, physical violence and/or homicide?

Find another way boo...

I don't know what kind of party DT is throwing, but it's happening on Dec. 15 at Cafe Asia (1720 Eye Street NW).