Thursday, January 3, 2008

Vintage Flow at Mai Thai...I mean Penang

Last Saturday (12.29.07) I thought I was going to my beloved Mai Thai (19th and M St. NW) for a Sayo and G4 Party...nope... I got the call that the party was moved to Penang (19th and M St. NW) due to the fact that Mai Thai doesn't have an entertainment license. Sad stuff. 

For sure, I knew the traveling party at Penang was going to be a flop...but no, Sayo and G4's loyal attendees followed them across the street. And in case you missed the memo, someone was outside of Mai Thai to direct you a few more steps to the actual venue.

Penang, of course still had it's's small and there's never enough bartenders but the place was packed and people didn't seem to mind where the party was... especially the folks doing the Electric Slide in the back!

Oh yea, shout out to Muna of Vivid Fusion and Anton...I see you came to support.

This party had everything from coat check to cold blood as an unfortunate fight broke out over some nonsense...even the DJ was 'bout to start swinging. Good thing it was close to 3 am by that time.

Here are some pics in case you missed it:

(Photo: A Packed Penang)

(Photo: Rahsaan of G4 keepin' the party live. Check out his blog!)

(Photo: Torrel of Torrel, LLC and your girl, Joi-Marie)

I gotta shout out my old friend from UMD, Torrel. Last November, 'Rel and his father started Torrel, LLC after they got the licensing to put our old fav Nintendo logos on urban wear. Check out the video below:

Okay y'all...Stay fab!