Thursday, January 17, 2008

Saturday | DT at Cafe Asia | Flywire at Gallery | Vivid at Pasha | 18+ Love with DJ Khaled | Teedra Moses at Black Cat

Hopefully the snow won't keep us in the house this weekend because there is literally too much to do. From Silver Spring to downtown DC, there's something for everyone!


Of course, Dream Team has Cafe Asia (1720 Eye Street) on lock (at least on Saturdaysss) and they're paying homage to a man that made tremendous change in the lives of every American.

With their "I Have a Dream" party on Saturday (1.19.08) I guess you can two step and think about how much progress America has made, where racism doesn't exist anymore and separatism is a thing of the pasttttt ( I'm too cynical for my own good!)


Flywire hooked up with Cheeky Sasso Ent. to bring Flywire Saturdays to the Gallery (1115 East West Highway) in Silver Spring. Flywire is known heavily in Baltimore, not so much DC but maybe Flywire is trying to get more exposure. More power to them.

Cheeky throws very classy events so I'm sure every third Saturday at the Gallery will be completely grown and hopefully sexy.


Muna and Vivid Fusion (what does that mean anyway?!) had a very succesful party last Saturday (if you missed our Fab Correspondent Miss Aminata's review, click here) and he's trying to do it again this Saturday (1.19.08).

Same place, probably the same crowd...It's called "The Encore", how fitting. It's a nice time, I just hope they have the air conditioning on this time! 


So, Marc Barnes decided to shut down his Thursday night party for the 18+ crew and give them some love on the weekend. Love (1350 Okie Street NW) will now be 18+ on Saturdays, giving Platinum some much needed competition.

It's called Dream Saturdays (perhaps a homage to the club, as it was once named Dream). DJ Khaled will be in the building (WE THE BESTTTT!) to help transform a once 21+ night to 18+. But don't worry, for those of us who are 'of age' the third floor will be dedicated to those who got ID.

Hope this works!



She'll be at Black Cat (1811 14th St.)  this Saturday (1.19.08). Doors open at 9 PM and tickets are $22. Click here to get some!

Here's Teedra performing "Take Me" at Black Cat back in April. 

More to come...this weekend never ends!!!!!