Friday, January 18, 2008

Rahsaan of G4 Wins UNI Award!!!

So this is kind of party related:

Rahsaan of G4 (you know, they threw parties at Mai Thai) recently won a UNI award for Best Male Solo Performer in 2007.

He's getting the award at the 1st Annual Underground and Indie (UNI) Award Show, which is taking place at Club Snitch (59 W21 Street NYC) on Wednesday, Jan. 30.

I guess if you want to go, you should holla at Rahsaan. I wonder if he needs a date...(probably none of my business).

Anyway, Rahsaan has a history of doing big things from being a spokesmodel for MECCA USA, to even designing menswear for the same clothing line. He's done everything from commercials for BET and MTV, to even doing radio promos for Corona (one of my fav beers...yes I drink beer...I went to UMD!)

Congrats to Rahsaaaaaaaan! Check out his music on his myspace page!!!