Thursday, January 17, 2008

Wyclef Jean at Love Nightclub!!!

There's a lot going on with Love (1350 Okie Street) recently and it's no secret they're losing money every weekend. Still, they keep it poppin' with the concerts they host every month. 

has been in town since the BET Honors last Saturday (1.12.08) and he couldn't leave DC without stoppin' by Love first. He'll be performing there this Friday (1.18.08), promoting his new album The Carnival Vol. 2: Memoirs of an Immigrant (my fav song from the album is Sweetest Girl).

Oh yea, if you go here, just pay that extra dub and park where someone can actually watch your car (My car got broken into on my 20th birthday. I learned my lesson!) Also, don't pay extra to see Wyclef...just make sure you're on the second floor by midnight!!!! :)