Thursday, September 13, 2007

Recappin' + Vacationin'

Last Night at 1223

I ain't gon lie y'all...I ain't see no Gloria Velez, no Antawn Jamison and no Deshawn Stevenson...hmm...false advertising? Perhaps...I did leave early tho' so who knows. I'm still waiting to see the pics from the nice photographer man Nik. (Shout out to him!)

Dag, I must say they got me because the promotion was on point. It hyped it up a lil much. The venue is nice, but after trecking up three flights of stairs, (my outta shape tail) was outta breath! Good thing there is a SEXY bartender there to help me quench my thirst. (And yes all the ladies were drunk and going ONLY to him to get their drinks. Some fat chick almost elbowed me to get to him...I hope she tipped him for all of that)

I love the decor of 1223. It's mad colorful, sorta' reminds me of K Street.

But they do not play around...I was trying to re-apply my lipgloss and the only open bathroom was the Men's. Some big body security guard quickly told me I had to wait for the Ladies. Whatever!

The whole night people were stuntin' for no reason...whether it was a guy telling me he'd buy me whatever I wanted if I would stop using 3-syllable words or this other dude showing me how many songs his iPhone held...I had had enough!

Go to 1223 Spank Wednesday's if you're African, a groupie or want to stunt...yea can't forget about the full effect ( I even saw the chick that used to mess with DJ Strawberry. I guess they're on a break)!

Shout out to hardworking promoter Kavon. (he's no longer Little S...inside joke)

p.s. I did see that damn Fred Smoot truck. A mess.

Ibiza (1222 First St. NE) is doing the most. Besides E'd up Diddy there on Thursday, they're having this 80's party on Friday thrown by Dave and Ray. They encourage gold chains, shell toes, Adidas track suits, Filas, Fur Kangols and the like...

I know one thing, they can't spell. If you gon' promote via email, let's use spell check!


My linesister's favorite spot, Republic Gardens' is having the usual on Saturday. Is it me or do their flyers look exactly like Lima's??


Lima always got the hottest flyer...but it looks like someone is biting!

Aight y'all. I won't be on the scene this weekend. I'll be in Chicago celebrating my sister's birthday at Zentra Nightclub. Holla' at me baby!