Tuesday, September 11, 2007

They Got Me!

The Power of the Promoter

Due to it's lovely promotion (and I saw a picture of sexy Mark Barnes there last week) 1223 has convinced me to attend their "Spank Wednesdays" tommorow night.

Where the Groupies Will Be...

I've only been here once before and it was kinda' wack. They have very nice couches, complete with a velvet rope that make it appear that you're VIP...but anyone can sit there.
But, the open bar is super official and the bartender was so CUTE! When that T-Pain song came on I was singing straight to him...I forgot his name, otherwise I'd shout him out!!!!

The party is being hosted by Washington Wizards' Antawn Jamison & Deshawn Stevenson...does he really have on that overly tight 50 cent wife beater? Ew, take it off...

So Lotus (1420 K Street) relaxed its dress code in hopes of getting more partyers. They're having a Kanye v. 50 listening party tonight. Boo! How originaaaal.
So although my man Diddy was caught buying E (DONT DO DRUGS KIDS!)in Ibiza, he'll be in DC's own Ibiza on Thursday.


My baby does it again, Mark and Taz continue Love's Summer Concert Series with Young Jeezy...all the hoodrats I'm sure will be cheap and not buy a ticket but squeeze up on the 2nd floor to see him...

I'd be remiss if I didn't mention how at my beloved alma mater, University of Maryland, a noose was found outside of the Nyumburu Cultural Center (which is where all the black people hang out, work, have meetings and probates). What a shame! Is it 1947 or 2007? Pay Attention people...
Write a letter, organize a rally, start a REVOLUTION!