Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Is Everyone Using a Model Chick to Sell Their Party?

Pimp's Paradise!

Looks like everyone is getting a model chick or a so-called video vixen to get people to party at their spot. Have we resorted to pimpin' parties?? Fellas' get ya' dollars out.


Tonight at 1223, "Video Vixen" Gloria Velez (she was on that video girl special on MTV) will be in the place along with some other girls whose name or faces (or a$$es) I don't recognize.


Fred Smoot said if he can't make it, he's sending this school bus look-a-like to "be there in spirit":

OMG, peep the slogan: "Smack on this! It's that good!" I'm sorry but what ghetto marketing company made that one up? I guess he takes whatever endorsement he can get. I hear that black man!


In More Pimpin' News...

Zanzibar (700 Water St), where the old heads hang out is having a swimsuit competition on Saturday, Sept 15.

Ladies, don't be fooled by the old men that go here. They'll try to use the excuse that they're losing their eyesight that's why they bumped into your goodies. Don't believe the hype!


Those pretty boys of KAPsi got an after party to go with their Kappa Koolout Cookout at some place called The Five Seasons (830 Guilford Ave.) I've never heard of the place... Anyway, they're letting the youngin' in too (18+) so check that ID before you get that number!

Shout out to all Kappas...yes, my brother is a NUPE (so I can do that).

Aight y'all, until next time.