Thursday, September 20, 2007

Party For A Cause!

Party For A Cause!

I love this idea...Tonight, at Republic Gardens they are donating a percentage of their proceeds to help the situation in Jena. (If you don't know what I'm talking about then stop reading this and read up! Stay informed!)

If you can't make it to U Street then send your donations to to a fund set up by the parents of the "Jena 6" defendants.

Jena 6 Defense Fund, P.O. Box 2798, Jena, La. 71342.

So everyone's doing something to promote Rick Ross and DJ Khaled (We the BEST!) coming to Love this Friday. Same info, different flyer.

So, I've talked about Ibiza before (click here to read) but here are some pictures to show you what I was talking about:

The big dance floor...this room kinda' makes you feel like you're dancing in a warehouse. And honestly, there's never enough people to make the dance floor look crowded. They have smaller rooms but I don't have pics yet! :-)

The rooftop bar and, love, love this!

Ibiza definitely has a diverse crowd but it's okaaaay. Go late.

Of course the crappy Avenue is having their standard thing on Friday. Ladies free before midnight?! What happened to all night?! Go here if you wanna party with the locals.

LGI stay reppin' for the colleges and universities. Okay so they're bringing Freeway to Platinum, the kiddie club. If anyone goes ask Free when the last time he had a hit? Boo.

And After You Get Your Club On...

After you shake that thang in the club, go find Jesus. I gotta big up Moms (Bishop Vashti M. McKenzie), she's coming back to Baltimore to preach at my old church Payne Memorial AME Church (1714 Madison Avenue). Sunday at 10 AM.
[And yes I did get this in an email...not that I didn't already know]

Aight y'all. I'll be seein' ya!