Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Fashion + Politics = Joi-Marie

This week in the District is DC Fashion Week. This week brings in many top local and national designers to the District to showcase coutour designs. With designers like Betsey Johnson, Amore and local clothing company Bonidacci, it seems like DC Fashion Week is doin' it way big. Read more>

The big shows to go to are the International Ethical Fashion Show at The Galleria at LaFayette Center (1155 21st Street NW) on Thurs. Sept. 27. Tickets are $35. Also, check out the International Couture Collections show, being held at The Embassy of France (4101 Reservoir Road, NW) on Sunday Sept. 30. The show starts at 7 PM and tickets are $50. For tickets, click here>

Congressional Black Caucus

They're many times when I'm proud to be an African-American and when the CBC comes to town, it's one of those times. Through their foundation they provide many scholarships, fellowships and other opportunities for youth, not only in DC but around the nation.

They're many events celebrating their contributions to African-Americans in the US as well as many fundraisers, receptions, VIP events that are invitation only (and I got the scoop!)

So, BET, Viacom and BET's President and COO Ms. Debra Lee are hosting an event in honor of the memorial they're building for Martin Luther King Jr. I'm glad they're doing something here because I did feel some kinda' way they had the fundraising benefit concert in NY for a memorial they're building in DC. Didn't make sense to me...

It's tonight at Oya Restaurant and Lounge, which looks very pan-asian/french. The decor is breathtaking but I'll be sure to give you the scoop on who I met tommorrow.

Still, if you didn't get a special invite from BET, you can still support the CBC by going to this fundraiser for Obama at Bohemian Caverns on Wednesday. My friend Dea is hosting this event along with many others so go raise money for Obama! (Although I'm still undecided on who I'm voting for...) It's $25 for students and $50 for "professionals". I'm mad it said "Credit Cards Accepted".

I hope he ain't ruining nobody's credit while trying to get into office...

No, Keyshia Cole is not a member of the CBC but she's having her album release party at K Street this Wednesday. Y'all know how much of a groupie I am when it comes to Keyshia! Ladies in free all night...ya dig?

Back to the CBC...Ford Motor Company and the Smithsonian are having a reception in honor of "Freedom Sister's", a traveling exhibition.

They will be honoring Dorothy Irene Height (civil rights activist, DST 10th Past National President) and Sonia Sanchez (womanist, poet, author), who are two of my idols.

It'll be held at the City Club of Washington and I'm sure alotta' uptight Blacks will be there but I'ma be there right along with them...(sorry, it's invitation only!)

BUT! If ya' didn't get an invite, go to the Pre-Black Party reception at Jin lounge (2017 14th Street), which is a U street establishment, despite it's address. It's on Thursday from 6-9 PM. The decor here is very asian/carribean so I'm already in love.

This should be a wonderful networking event for those of you who are old enough to have business cards but too young to really give them out to anyone. Y'all know who y'all are!!!

And Floyd is too excited about this one...the Black Party at Love. I already told Floyd, but I'll tell y'all...I'll never go to Love on a Thursday. There's blacks there every Thursday so I don't know what's so special about this Black Party BESIDES OF COURSE THE FACT that they'll be raising money for the CBC. They even have this cute signature drink called the Black Partini.

Like I always say, check that ID before you get the digits. Jail time ain't worth it.

But if you're not into Love, chill out with DJ ?estlove of The Roots at Bohemian Cavern (11th and U Street NW). It's sure to be less crowded and less rowdy.

Lastly, rounding up the events is this party at Cafe Asia (1720 Eye Street NW). Most of my friends are going here and I haven't been to CA in such a long time. I've missed it. Always a good time...

For more information on these events, click here>

Despite many technical difficulties I was finally able to post this so y'all better appreciate it! Updates coming soon...