Monday, July 21, 2008

Recap: Vernon Davis' Celeb Wkd Party at Love

Submitted by Kelechi
DC Fab! Correspondent

Honestly, I could have care less which football player celebrated his birthday and more about the drink selection at this weekend's most overrated party. I moved to Chocolate city not too long ago and all I've heard is, "Omigod, you HAVE to go to Love (1350 Okie Street NW)!" Well...I went and needless to say it was nice but it wasn't as "lovely" as I expected.

Don't get me wrong, the spacious four floor venue was rather impressive. The bouncers were pretty cool and if you made it to the third floor, you probably noticed that the music was progressively better. Contrary to popular belief, the ghetto people stayed home Friday night. I didn't see one "thug" or "baby mama" in the building. Aside from that, and the reasonably priced drinks, I've partied better in Atlanta.

Some pics from the night courtesy of eVIPlist:

Buffy the Body showed up

Of course Seezins and Vernon's rumored girl Black were seen still soaking up their 15 minutes

Maybe the reason why I can't remember who hosted the party was because I saw Allen Iverson (who's been in DC for three weeks is up with that) and Too $hort... Yes! My dude Too $hort was in the building and he PERFORMED! His 20 minute performance possibly shifted my semi-pessimistic perception on the evening. Whoever booked him...THANKS!!

DMV native Erica Webster pictured with Too $hort


Allen Iverson pictured with ? and Vernon Davis

This party was also the end of the AKA Centennial Celebration Weekend so the beautiful people were definitely in the building. And boy do "beautiful people" know how to throw back that booze.

My advice: If you've never been, go. Just don't expect to see pigs fly. And get on someone's list or get there early...