Sunday, June 8, 2008

Pic Recap 2.0: Big Tigger's Welcome Reception at the Westin

Inside the Westin Grand Hotel (2350 M Street NW) Big Tigger welcomed DC notables, celebrities, sports players and some randoms to kick start his Celebrity Classic weekend. The event included a silent auction (I hear Vernon Davis bid $1500 on a one of a kind Michael Jordan gold basketball) to raise money for the Street Corner Foundation

(Photo: Tigger shows some love to DC Fab!)

(Photo: The Wizard's David Vanterpool in all his sexiness)

(Photo: Tiffany Evans)

(Photo: Vernon Davis with the Flava of Love girls...still getting their 5 minutes)

(Photo: We both look a mess...but DJ Clue was in the building gettin' his grub on)

(Photo: And thanks to Madame Tussauds I was able to meet one of the hottest men of the year, Barack. He's got my vote!!!)