Saturday, June 7, 2008

Pic Recap: Big Tigger Welcomes Celebs to DC

(Photo: Cousin Jeff aka Jeff Johnson and Melyssa Ford)

(Photo: Chick from Flava of Love 3)

(Photo: Cutie pa-tootie Tiffany Evans...and y'all she's heard of DC Fab! Luv her!)

(Photo: Bun B working the red carpet)

(Photo: Donnie Simpson, Alesha Renee and Big Tigger)

(Photo: My grainy pic of Vernon Davis)

(Photo: Me and Jeff...we go back so I can call him by his first name)

(Photo: Felicia, VideoFab! correspondent and I chillen after a hard day of being 'press')

Headed to the basketball game :) Pics to come!