Sunday, June 8, 2008

Pic Recap: Tigger's All Star Basketball Game

It must have been the hottest spot in DC and not because of all the socialites, celebs and reporters/bloggers in the building. It was just HOT! In UDC's gymnasium (can we invest in central air conditioning please?!), the "Wizards" went up against the "Baltimore Bullets" to raise money and support Big Tigger's 7th Annual Celebrity Classic.

(Photo: The Wizards. Caron Butler, Tiffany Evans and Mellysa Ford were coaches)

(Photo: The Bullets. Roger Mason, Alesha Renee and 106 and Park's Rocsi (since when did she become so hood? Please stop.) were coaches)

(Photo: Tiffany Evans (also performed at half time...hilarious footage to come) poses with One Tree Hill's Antwon Tanner)

(Photo: Vernon Davis poses with Smack Energy Bar girls)

(Photo: Look who popped up? Free where you been? She looks hot.)

(Photo: Melyssa Ford trying her best not to look sweated out)

(Photo: Roger Mason showing love to a fan)

(Photo: Big Tigger interviewing Terrell Owens for his show "Rap City")

(Photo: Alesha Renee is pretty...)

(Photo: Fred Smoot and Freaky Ty get close...a little too close)

No one really cared who the time everybody left we were just looking for the nearest air conditioner and snowball.