Monday, March 10, 2008

Pictures from Bow Wow's 21st Bday at Love

I snagged some pictures from Bow Wow's Birthday party at Love (1350 Okie Street NW) and the mini-groupies were out!

(Photo: Bow Wow shares on his birthday!)

(Photo: ...and then got another bottle and shared some more!)

(Photo: Big Tigger from WPGC sharing text messages with Bow Wow. He looks like he don't care; he just wants to get wasted. Hey, it's his 21st!)

(Photo: Vernon Davis from the 49ers (He sure is out and about) with GW alum Tonya. Oh yea, tell dude to lose the color contacts.)

(Photo: Baby girl Tiffany Evans did a little performance. Underage much; this chick is only 15!! ::sigh:: I feel old now.)

(Fab! note: Pics taken from