Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Missy Elliott Stops by the Grand "Opening" of Ibiza

So, the owners of Ibiza (1222 First St. NE) brought Missy Elliott to their spot last Friday (3.8.08). I don't know why they called it the grand opening...supposedly because of 'renovations'...but it looked like the SAME old Ibiza to me, which doesn't look bad mind you! But let's not call it the grand opening to fool people and get some extra dollars.

Still, the place was packed...I had a great time because I went out wanting to do one thing and one thing only: drink... and be merry; re-live my college years and that's what I did. 

Russ Parr from the Russ Parr Morning Show (93.9 WKYS) was in the building, making his usual funny jokes and getting people ready to party. He left a little after midnight (I guess his wife told him to get his ... home). See some footage below of how he almost got me and everybody else:

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A lot of familiar faces were in the crowd to see Ibiza 'open' it's doors. Ibiza enlisted the help of DC's top promoters in the area. Shout out to Ray, Nate, James...and some newcomers got acquainted with how hard it can be to promote at a big club. Some promoters were upset that they couldn't come in and out; hindering many of their guests from actually getting inside to see Ibiza's "renovations". (hmmm).

Shout out to DJ Quicksilver who seemed untouchable all night (I would love to DJ at Ibiza; you can see the entire crowd up on that thingy). Anyway...Missy Elliott came on around 2:30 AM to perform her latest single of course. EZ Street from WKYS has the best footage of that and it's below:

But! It was definitely a good night and no matter how many promoters it took, Ibiza's main room was filled. The other rooms still need a little help but that's aight, I like a little air to breath.

Until next Friday it is.