Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Alice Smith performs live at The Black Cat

As any of my friends could tell you I have many new obsessions this month including B. Scott but my other new found obsession is DC native, Alice Smith. She reminds me of a black Amy Whinehouse and has this very cool (funky, fresh) sound. 

Last Sunday (3.9.08), this Grammy nominated artist performed her hits like "Dream" (the song featured on HBO's hit series Entourage) and (my personal fav) "Woodstock". She also performed (Prince's personal fav) "Love Endeavor". Complete with doing some cover songs Alice Smith's set lasted well over an hour, leaving her fans thoroughly satisfied.

A new fan myself, I'm not gon' lie and say I knew the words but I was extremely impressed with her vocal ability, able to go through four octaves in one song and make it look (literally) breathless. I remember saying to one of my friends, "she makes it look too easy!" 

This is strictly for my neo-soul/punk/R&B heads! Check out her performing her hit song "Dream" below:

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Peace (rock) and fab!