Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Recap: AKA's Celebrate 100 Years at Olives

With so much buzz around this party, due to the wonderful promotions of 1693 Luxury Entertainment Group, Olives (1600 K Street NW) celebrated the ladies who wear pink and green!

(Photo: Promoters, Dave & Ray)

Many AKA's from across the nation, came the District, the birthplace of their sorority to celebrate 100 years of sisterhood. I did see a lot of MD AKA's in the place (Shout out to Dea, Darla, Brandi and Kim)!!!

(Photo: The line outside of Olives)

By far a successful night, 500 people were left outside wondering how it was; not to mention the fire marshall had to be called twice! But don't worry, if you were standing outside for long they had those glorious inventions called heat lamps that kept that ladies warm until they reached the door.

Oh yea, and I can't forget who made a special appearance, making everyone feel important: Alena (yes, the former Miss DC) from WPGC who stayed afterward to enjoy the party.

(Photo: Alena 7 interviewing members of AKA Sorority, Inc.)

And if you're wondering what went down inside, well just look below. You missed out!!!!

(Photo: People enjoying the atmosphere inside of Olives)

Congrats to 1693 for a successful party!!!!

p.s. Shout out to (It's nothing!) :)