Friday, January 4, 2008

Friday Night : Blu Lounge | H20 | Love

"It's Friday night/and I feel alright"...yes, it's another Friday in the District and if you haven't heard Obama won the Iowa Caucus! Go out and celebrate at these local nightspot staples:

Blu Lounge (6821 Reed St.) always gets support from the Russ Parr Morning Show and this week, their happy hour is hosted by Shaqwana (I luv her!) and Alfredas.

For more info, click here!



And if you're looking for that big nightclub feel, hop on down to H20 (800 Water Street SW). Abdul and crew are throwing a welcome home party for Seattle Sonic's Kevin Durant. (He went to Montrose in Rockville for a while back in high school).

Ladies in free all night and open bar until 11. Can't beat it.


Lastly, Love nightclub (1350 Okie Street NW) is a good choice if you either want to pay $20 for parking or $2 to a bum on the street to 'watch your car'...then pay $20 at the door unless you get on a variety of guestlists (click here and here) and then pay $20 on some drinks unless you get someone to buy them for's just too much.

K, bye!