Saturday, January 19, 2008

Chris Brown and Up Close and Personal Tour at Patriot Center

Thanks to another Fab! correspondent, Kim, we got the hook up on some Chris Brown tickets as he performed last night at George Washington University's Patriot Center

Although none of us are under the age of 14 and not really Lil Mama or Souljah Boy fans (omg, I hate his new song...yaaah, trick? What?!) we got there just in time to see the angriest little man in rap, Bow Wow

He performed his hits half naked and the best part of his performance is when he brought out his boyfriend Omarion (I LUUUUV HIM!). But why, oh why did Omarion have jeans tighter than my skinny's! Omarion...yo...I don't even think his thighs could breath. But he still broke out that ultra-glittery shirt, trying to prove that he, in fact, is the King of Dance.

I beg to differ. Chris Brown came out and embarrassed Omarion for even thinking to call himself that. I don't know if it's his choreographer or what, but Chris Brown can dance his butt off! He's 18 now, so I can say he's even sexier in person and although he was singing along to most of his tracks, the boy can still sing and you know he was pumped cuz we were in V-A!!!!

I enjoyed myself...forgot the camera so no pics (sad face) but here's a clip from his performance last week. Same stuff, different city!!