Sunday, October 21, 2007

The Weekend in Review!

Let's Recap! I'm not gon' front and act like I know about everything that went on in the District due to Howard and UMD's Homecoming but lemme tell you what I do know...

Love (1350 Okie Street): A source told me that the bouncers at Love were extremely rude Friday night. When the night was over they (literally) pushed people down the stairs to get them to leave the club and even called some poor patron the B-word all because she wasn't moving down the steps fast enough. Love isn't being too lovely.

Did you know that Love has a new policy where they don't turn off the lights in the club until 1 AM to reduce the fights? (that's wack)

Grade: B-

H20: How disapointinggggg. Lil Wayne never showed up and they had people paying $80 to get up in there. That's a mess.

Grade: F

Tuscana West: This was interesting. Idk why me and my friends tried to get there before 11 (not like I go anywhere early) but...whatever. It got packed, mostly with UMD alum. The drinks were still expensive compared to most lounges and for some reason the dance floor always gets crowded.

It was definitely a college crowd with the DJ shoutin' out Greeks every five seconds.

The DJ...yo, if you gon' preview a song in the middle of another song, could you at least play that song next?? Stop teasin' people. Oh yea, sound system kept cuttin' out and don't try to play it off by talking over it...we're smart.

Oh yea, valet...horrible.

Grade: B +
Cafe Asia: Compared to last week the number of party-goers was smaller yet much better dressed. And although the party flyer said, no degree needed to party (GHETTO) everyone looked like they had at least graduated from high school.

Oh yea, can't forget Hurricane Chris stopped by. Didn't seem like anyone cared tho. Why does he still have those Venus and Serena Williams beads in his head???

Grade: B

Olives: A source told me this place is pretty great...alotta' space altho' there's not many places to sit down and chill. Also, people kept getting upset because all the bars weren't open and people were trying to get J-Kwon. Oh well...

Grade: N/A

Fur: Krush 4.0, the party that started at 2 AM on Saturday gets the "Stand Out Party" prize...altho' by that time people are ready to go to sleep or get someone to go sleep with. Good try tho'...I liked the idea.

All in all, Howard Homecoming was much better than Hampton's and DC stayed had everyone ready to move back to the District.

Grade: N/A

K, bye!

My girls and I at Tuscana West (1350 Eye Street NW)...around 2 AM and we still look good.