Tuesday, September 4, 2007

I'm Exhausted!!

Labor Day Weekend Recap

The birthday boy looking F-L-Y!

So I told you I celebrated Alonzo's birthday party on Saturday at The Mark. If that place isn't the wackest?! Apparently, they have a 45 person limit on the lounge...WHAT! 45 people! This must be a new thing because I def went there in the Spring and it was poppin'. Oh well...needless to say the football players were poppin' bottles in the corner. With no DJ (probably somebody's iPod playlist playing over the speakers), no people ...the place was a dud.

We headed back to Adam's Morgan with our good drinkin' buddies Brian and Brandon, alum from Howard U. (Pics coming soon)

Sunday my friend dragggggged me out of the house because the Baltimore Young Professionals Network party at Kasbah Lounge in Baltimore, MD. It's in Canton where Kamp is, which is a really nice lounge as well. I love the decor but this place is always full of chicks, lookin' a tad too old. They have a nice red carpet as you enter and they have wonderful, plush couches where you can chill and groove. I was so happy to see DJ Quicksilva', who used to DJ at Hammerjacks back when I was there. He's fineeeee.

I think Baltimore is too small to party...every cute guy that tried to holla' had talked to someone I knew already. Damn.

We left there early went to Red Maple (which was PACKED!!!). At Eden's Lounge the bouncer said my friends were too drunk to get in! LOL. Damn again.

Monday my sister threw a Labor Day/Birthday Cookout for herself at the house. (pics coming soon). OMG I had so much fun...don't get drunk and then listen to Baltimore Club Music or watch Borat. Good times.

Pics comin' soon cuz I know y'all are curious as to what the hell I'm talking about.