Tuesday, September 4, 2007

For Those Who Like to Think Ahead

For Those Of You Who Aren't Worn Out From Labor Day...

So Lotus is trying very hard to get people to come to their spot...Everybody free all night with an hour of open bar from 7 -8 PM. I'm still not going. Sorry Dom and Tupac.

But Wednesday's at K Street is a bomb! The food is banging, open bar from 6 -8 PM and a dinner buffet at 7 PM. I went last week and it was hella' fun. Ladies free all night and they're selling bottles of Moet for $50. Can't beat it.

SOULJAH BOY IS COMING TO TOWN!!!!! Shut the F up! I love this dance! I'm there...Love Nightclub (of course) 9-2 AM

"Now Superman that HOE!"

Is Cassidy moving to DC or something? Yesterday he was at H20 and next Friday he'll be at the Avenue. The Avenue sucks...it's on one of the busiest streets in DC (NY Ave), the drinks are aiight...and it looks like you're partying in a warehouse. Actually upstairs is pretty nice with the couches but I'm still not impressed.



Yo...where will you be when the gloves come out!?!?!

Mitch, you better step your game up...word on the street is that R&B might be what's poppin' this weekend.