Saturday, September 1, 2007


"It's the weekendddd, It's the weekenddddd"
I am super-excited about Labor Day Weekend. My parents are home, we're going shopping, so many parties all ova' the city and you know we BBQ'ing!!!!

Where Was I Friday?
Adam's Morgan!! If you're looking for a guaranteed good time (if your not too stuck up), go to Adam's Morgan (near 18th and Columbia streets). Last night I went to a couple of spots, more noteably Roxanne (wack, wack and more wack) and FELIX (my new fav spot in AM).
The bouncers are cute and cool...also, the men in the AM will treat you if you show 'em a smile (the one of your face!)

Saturday: Happy Birthday Alonzo!!!
One of my favorite Alphas, invited me to his birthday celebration he's having at The Mark on Route 1 in College Park. I love this lounge...drinks are kinda' pricey for this college area but they're delish and the decor is on point. I love love love this place!

Sunday...why watch football when you can go out!
You know Love is doin' their thing for Labor Day...


Shout out to my favorite flyerrrrs...Lima on Sundays


So Dom and Tupac are doin' their thing at K Street, right down the street from Lima...I would go to K Street if I were you BUT I didn't see nothing 'bout an open bar...what happened to that?!?!?! BOO!

The MD State Fair happening until Sept. 3rd. I loved this fair as a child...they got good food, fun rides and my favorite: COTTON CANDY!

Be safe this weekend...don't drink and drive! The cops is lurking!