Thursday, August 30, 2007

The Party Must Go On!

Sick :-(
Clearly I've been going out too much cuz I'm so freakin' sick right now. But the party must go on...I'll keep it brief cuz I'm seriously about to head back to bed...
They startin' the party at LIV. It's on U Street but I absolutely hate this place...small venue, overpriced ($20), the VIP is wack...the one good thing I remember is leaving. Go if you want.

My ls love, love, loves going to Republic Gardens. There's so much going on this weekend, I'm not quite sure I wanna spend my time here. Another U Street establishment but it's much better than LIV.


I love Lima's flyers...whoever does them is like that. They're so girly and flirty and fun...I wanna go just by lookin' at the flyer.

Okay y'all I need more sudafed. Hopefully I'll be good for this weekend.