Wednesday, September 26, 2007

It's Still All About the CBC

If DC isn't excited about the CBC; every club is throwing something in honor of the Congressional Black Caucus, which is actually a good look for us Black folk. If you didn't register for the conference this year, make that a good look for next year.
Thursday, Sept. 27

So Ozio has their regular thing on Thursday...and all CBCF members are invited. But honestly, are they going to go to this or the Black Party at Love (featuring Biz Markie, KRS One and Mya)...probably the latter. Nice try...let's see if anyone goes.

Friday, Sept. 28
And my favorite Friday night party to hate on...The Avenue is biggin' up everybody from an island (buh! buh! buh!)

Also on Friday, VH-1 is bringing the Roots, MC Lyte and Big Daddy Kane to the 9:30 Club. It's sold out already but maybe you can go outside and see if anyone will sell you a ticket. Still, ?uestlove will be Liv tonight (I hate Liv) but I'm sure the Roots fans will be out there in support.

Saturday, Sept. 29

Jesse Jackson of course couldn't come to DC without an event. He's having a private affair at Love on Saturday. The tickets are FREE; you just have to pick up tickets from the DC Convention Center on Friday, between 2-5 PM in Room 144BC. Call 312-431-8801 for more information.
It's a Black Tie optional affair so please don't come up in there with some timbs and a fitted thinking you gon' blend in...thanks.

Ozio's is premiering several cigar bars on Saturday. If I smoked, I'd definitely love to go. It's a great idea!

With the recent racial events at the University of Maryland they are putting on a concert to promote unity and diversity. Doug E. Fresh will be performing in the Nyumburu Amphitheatre (I wanna know who booked this concert...not like any student at UMD now was even alive when Doug E. Fresh first came out. Boo)

And Doug E. Fresh is keeping himself busy...after teaching the youngin's about hip-hop at UMD, he'll be performing live at H20.
Sunday, Sept. 30
And closing up the weekend, UMD alum, Tigger is hosting his own take on the Black Party at Ibiza. Oh yea, and I heard Ibiza is opening it's own Starbucks (like, for what?)

Aight y'all...PEACE!