Wednesday, August 29, 2007

ROUND 1: Mai Thai and G4

And the Winner is...G4

So I finally found someone who went to Cafe Asia, they said:

There was a $20 cover, which is a little pricy considering its not the hottest thing yet and EyeBar next door doesn't charge. The music was cool, hype man was cool, but the party never really jumped off. Bartenders were great (major plus in my book, kept me drinkin lol)! Lots of girls. Not the most attractive or interesting crowd. Then there were the models in panties serving people fruit. Sadly I'd prolly go again, cause I don't want to go to H20.

I'm ready for round two!

For All You Go-Go Headsssss...

Rare Essence, EU & Suttle Thoughts are at the Crystal City Hilton on Labor Day. I'm from Bmore so you know I won't be there...but I ain't hatin'.


Where the Groupies Will Be...

Roger Mason (Washington Wizards) needs his hair done. ASAP.


Emily King is coming into town for her album release. Is it me or is every C-list celeb coming into town and having an album release party. First Lil Mo' now Emily King. (Don't get me wrong I love love love Mo' but still)

EKing is doin' her thing at K Street. I love their Wed. nights, you may see me there.


If you like to think ahead...

BCBG and Trademark Ent. throw a party at Ozio's on Thursday nights. It looks super grown (borderline OLD) and kinda' sexy. Check it out...cuz the DJ is oh-so-sexy, if you ask me.

The oh-so-sexy DJ. Look at them gunssss...

Aiight y'all, I'll see ya' tonight!