Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Hump Day Hookup!

We Missed Out!

Sorry I didn't tell y'all about Lotus Tuesdays (1420 K Street)...but I hear alotta' old, white people go there, which isn't a problem if that's what you're into! I mean c'mon they have a sushi bar...sushi+drinks = no good.

Where the groupies will be...

I still don't know who Fred Smoot is...but if he's the one on the left he's kinda cute...

No doubt the groupies will be at the RedSkin's Kick-off Party at some party called Spank Wednesdays (why in the world is it called Spank?! Nastiesss...) Looks like it's at 1223. They try so hard...

They are def promoting hard for this...saw two flyers on the ground on my way to work...hope it's fun cuz I'll be gettin' my hair done!


And the WACKEST party of the week goes to:


I hate to be rude, but do the words SAD, WACK and UGLY come to mind?

Aight y'all until next time....