Monday, December 15, 2008

Weekend Wrap Up: Layla Lounge

The Good: The small but beautiful venue has remained the same and the music was bumping!

The Bad: The once classy crowd has certainly changed...and it all happened so quickly. Let's not mention the dudes spotted in fake furs (kind of like the dudes from the movie Brown Sugar...remember that?) and ladies donned some hideous dresses.

The Ugly: Worst of all, the smell of weed in the air was undeniable; it was the first thing you smelled when you approached the second floor. Broken glass was everywhere, you couldn't turn left or right without running into someone, and the wait staff looked worn out and irritated by everyone. Although it was a hot inside, people still partied with their coats on (to cheap for coat check....) which made it even more hot and uncomfortable. Talk about a downgrade...