Wednesday, December 3, 2008

The Harlem Club is Trickin' Cuz They Got It...

I think it's gone too far now...Obama, come get your people.

Y'all, tickets to the Inauguration are FREE! I'll admit that none of us are probably going to get good seats but please don't get caught up in the lights:

In New York, The Harlem Club’s “managing member,” Thomas Lopez-Pierre, sent out an e-mail blast last week saying that he’s “looking for two tri-state New York beautiful women (ANY RACE) to join our table of ten. I am looking for two women who look like models but have the brains of a college professor and the social grace of a Queen....This is an ALL EXPENSE PAID TRIP (hotel and travel) with No Strings Attached — Just Business not Personal.”

Apparently, The Harlem Club is a “private members club established in January 2004 by African-American investment bankers, corporate lawyers and doctors.”

Are they crazy? Oh...and check out the criteria: “College educated; 21 to 35 years of age; Single and childless; Attractive and in great shape.”

Apparently, the men have received over 100 applications of women who had to send their photo and resume. Lopez-Pierre says he throws out the ugly girls applications and forwards the pretty girls onto the membership committee.

These guys are either insane or disgusting narcissists.

I'm appalled! Ladies, y'all better not have applied! NOT.FAB.