Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Rumor: Marc Barnes Makes Small Promoters Indentured Servants


Sources say that Marc Barnes is treating some of his small time promoters as indentured servants. Allegedly, in exchange for their promotional services they get to ride around in nice cars and live in apartments, all owned by Mr. Barnes. (I call him mister because I have mad respect for the dude and hope this nonsense isn't true...)

Anyway, Mr. Barnes, owner of The Park at Fourteenth, Dream and former owner of Republic Gardens is allegedly whoring out one member of the Overachiever's promotional team.

Mr. Barnes in the past has been known for cutting out or burning promotional teams if they promote for other venues so the story isn't so far fetched...Also, a photo on one of the Overachiever's Facebook pages is captioned "3 years of hard work..(except marc thats like 20 years)...3 kings of dc...upgrade ya". Hmmmm...

Again, I don't know if it's true; it could be a simple case of hating. But I sure hope nobody would allow themselves to be pimped for a car and an apartment and I sure hope Mr. Barnes wouldn't pimp nobody. ::sigh::

p.s. Again, this is not The Washington Post. Claims here are SPECULATION only. I reserve the right NOT to be responsible for the accuracy and validity of this information. Don't try and sue me. I know my rights! :)