Sunday, September 21, 2008

Recap: Howard MBA's Celebrate at Love

Your girl is sad because she lost her memory card at Love (1350 Okie Street NW) on Friday night (I must have been having a good time...) but anyway...

With the National MBA Convention coming to a close, many out of town MBAers and even more Howard MBA students (or those trying to get into the program), mixed and mingled with some of the finest of black business.

Early into the night, each bar on the first floor, dedicated to a different kind of liquor (I liked the vodka bar, hated the Cruzan), was packed with patrons trying to get it in before the open bar closed. With so many familiar faces that were totally different from the regular DC socialites (does anybody else get bored with seeing the same people every week?), if you looked closely you might have even saw a BET or ESPN talking head.

By 10 PM, Love was actually on and poppin'. Sure, the convention crowd brought an older demographic to the place but still...I felt young and shiny (as my spec would say) so I felt alllll good! :) Shout out to the third floor.

Later on in the evening the Wizards did show up despite that touchy incident with DeShawn Stevenson months before.


Antawn...he has really worked on his 'deer in headlight' eyes when he takes pictures! You go boy!

Big Tigger on the mic!

Former Wizard, Roger Mason