Sunday, August 24, 2008

Solange Speaks about Stone Soul Experience

If you don't remember, while Solange was performing at Stone Soul at RFK Stadium not to long ago, somebody's father hopped on stage and started shaking it with Solo. (Click here if you didn't see it the first time).

Here's what Solo had to say when asked if she will remain approachable:

"I dont know if that was staying approachable as it was absolutely insane!!! He could have killed me! I was in the moment and I have this stigma in my head that I’m just Solo from Houston and no one would care enough. I also like to live life with no fears because I think fear is the number one thing that holds people back from living there lives to its fullest potential. I pretty much stay in my own little bubble of an element. Im a peoples person! I love my life! I will always do my best to have that approach with the people who support me, but only the cool motherf*ckers"