Sunday, August 24, 2008

Not Fab: H20 about to Shut Down due to Violence


According to one of my sources, last weekend at H20 was crazy...and not in a good way. Yes, Young Jeezy came through and lit the place up but afterwards violence ignited inside and outside the club. While someone got stabbed inside, another patron was almost stomped to death outside of H20.

Owner Abdul Khanu has hired many promoters to fill up this mega club located on the waterfront. But with paying out so many promoters, security has been lacking for months. Also, patrons have been able to get in with weapons inside the club through connections with 'security' guards, endangering patrons lives.

(On left) Abdul Khanu, Owner of H2O

Jeezy apparently was gone when the fights erupted and apparently management still allowed patrons to enter the club after the fight.

The club that night made over $20,000 (<-- *Correction* I think I added an extra zero as everyone noted...Anon, you're rude. Thanks.) off of party-goers from door sales alone. Still, with all that money coming into the club, security is still not doing it's job.

It's about time this stops. NOT.FAB.

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