Friday, August 15, 2008

Recap: DC Fab!'s Anniversary at The Park

Normally I would ask, where were you...but...I had such a good time I don't even care! DC Fab! correspondents, fans and family at large all met up at The Park at Fourteenth (920 14th Street NW) last night to celebrate the one year anniversary of the blog that made talking about the DC social scene cool...(Am I tooting my own horn?...maybe!)

Thanks to the good people, Miles of Team BBC, Ray of Dave and Ray and Taz of the famed Marc and Taz, I was hooked up with bottles and a cake; the perfect ingredients to celebrate right.

I luv y'all like a fat kid luv cake! :)

Miles of Team BBC with family

At 11 o'clock when we first arrived, the funny thing was that The Park was packed but all eyes were glued to the many flat screens that aligned the walls. Patrons weren't worried about dancing or even mingling...they were watching the Olympics! (Ain't that some

By midnight the Olympics went off and Ra-Ra "The Party Starter" was on the mic. The Park was (of course) difficult to walk through, especially on the third floor. Ballers like Andray Blatche made special appearances and Taz was seen mingling with all of his guests.

Ra-Ra showing DC Fab! mad love...thanks boo! :)

I must give a shout out to my dedicated team (*tear*). I couldn't have done this without you! Shout out to my girl Tiffany, who was on a plane from Boston for over 8 hours trying to get here because two of her flights were canceled (and still looked fab! coming straight from the airport to the club...)

Boston Fab! girl Tiffany with ATL Fab! dude Kelechi

With many of DC's promoters in the building such as J&K, Brandon of The Usual Suspectz and others, the party was kinda' off the hook...and I can't forget my blogger friends who came out to support, although none of us recognized each other (lol...I guess that's the difficulty in having blogger friends). Thanks Brennan!

We devoured the red velvet did say "Happy Anniversay DC Fab!"

DC Fab! with Ray of Dave and Ray, one of the promotional teams at The Park

But...the party doesn't stop here. Join us at Penang (1837 M Street NW) this Saturday to finish off this DC Fab! Anniversary weekend right. Ladies, RSVP here to get in free before midnight annnnnd free martinis all night long. It don't get no better...'s a franchise!

Try not to miss out a second time...