Friday, August 15, 2008

Jeff Johnson's "The Truth" Premiers Tonight

To celebrate the new series, "The Truth", airing on BET tonight at 11 PM, Jeff Johnson is hosting a kick-off party at Layla Lounge (510 Morse Street NE) tonight.

This party is invitation only.

The much talked about new series is another step that BET is taking to change it's image so that they are seen as being more culturally and socially aware of how it's programming is affecting not only the black but urban communities.

Did anybody else hear how Russ Parr aired out Jeff Johnson this morning on his morning show? Hmm...Russ said at last year's Urban League conference where Jeff was either on or hosting a panel, he seemed too self-absorbed. I guess Russ was talking about the very common phenomenon of 'personalities' often losing focus on why they became popular in the first place. He pretty much called him out.

Still, Jeff Johnson is a gentleman and handled the situation very well, saying that he's continuing to grow not only as a man but as a 'personality'. I like Jeff and appreciate his new show.

Watch the premiere of "The Truth" on BET tonight at 11 PM. I'll be out...but y'all tell me how it is! :)