Friday, August 8, 2008

Mini Recap: The Park at 14th...a typical Thursday night...

I stopped by The Park at Fourteenth last night and brought some newcomers along, my sister and our mutual friend.

Immediately impressed by the decor that for some reason makes you feel even more grown and sexier, they asked me do people dance here. I responded a quick, "no".

But boy was I wrong. I frequent this place during happy hour where the name of the game is locating and securing a table to eat off of their delicious menu (If you're hungry get the filet mignon, if you're not get the jerk chicken wings), perhaps exchanging a business card or two and sipping slowly on my martini just to make sure I can drive home later.

At night, the place livens up with everybody's drink fresh in their system and inhibitions...gone. I've never laughed so hard at grown men going crazy over a 50 Cent track.

Thank goodness it wasn't as packed as Thursday's past because I got to mingle a little bit more. I finally sat down with Taz Wube, to pick his brain (he's the marketing director at Love and responsible for many of the parties you go to...) about the future of the nightlife business and how he feels he stands out. I guess you'll hear more about that later...

An early night for me and mine, I spotted Raheem DeVaughn as I was leaving out. He loves that place.

Stay fab y'all! :)