Sunday, August 10, 2008

Lavar Arrington defends Sidelines

A long long long time ago when Sidelines first opened, a DC Fab! reader checked it out and told me alllll about it. Read her recap here. Still, Mr. Arrington himself wants to defend his latest business venture. He states in a comment:

"This is Lavar... It's sad that you feel the way you do about my establishment. You say why can't people wear tennis shoes in the place?Because a higher standard is being created and is required. The Sideline has been incident free for over six months. How many other places in the cap ctr can say that? NONE. There have been shootings, and other violent acts hold this community back and businesses don't respect Prince George's County enough to bring upscale restarauts, hotels or stores. Just recently with the National Harbor have strides been taken to improve this sad commentary...It's sad that you are part of a problem that is too common amongst people and that your vision is limited to a narrow perspective. You're more interested in typing destructive words rather than uplifting words." To read the entire comment click here.

My rebuttal is this:

Dear Lavar,

How are you? If a patron went to your establishment and felt a certain way then you should take each patron's experience into serious consideration before getting defensive. As a business owner, I would think you would take all comments seriously because I assume you want every person who walks into your spot to have a great time, a great meal and want to return again or at least recommend the place to their friends/family.

I cannot comment nor defend what my reader said; I basically provide a forum for opinions on nightlife, entertainment and other hot spots in the DMV. Never in the history of nightlife and entertainment has it been critiqued so I understand how hard it is to look in the mirror sometimes but it must be done. Not because as you say, "my vision is limited" but because it's the exact opposite.

Do you think I critique nightlife and entertainment because I genuinely dislike the spots I rant or rave about? If so, you've got the game all confused. We (my correspondents and I) critique nightlife and entertainment because it's what we love and it's what we do. We want to see it improve, we want to make it better for not only the business owner but especially the patron. We want the people that spend their money there to leave having a great time. If there's a setback, problem, concern or difficulty I'd rather get it out in the open (instead of sweeping it under the rug, which happens too often in this business)...solve the issue and move on. By honest reflection and critique it can only make YOUR spot better.

So no, we're not hating. We simply want the DMV to be best at everything. I hope this paints a clearer picture of not only the mission of DC Fab! but of

Peace, love and fab,