Saturday, July 26, 2008

Saturday Night Fever

Okay y'all so forgive me for not picking out the hottest parties for Friday...did anybody have a good time in the District? If so, tell me about it! Still, I've hand picked where the party is on Saturday and we've got some good ones:

My favorite sisters, Angela and Vanessa Simmons will be at Republic (1355 U Street NW) tonight. I heard last Saturday was packed and if that's any indication of tonight, get there early. The Simmons sisters will also be signing autographs at 2 PM in Shoe City at PG Plaza today, promoting their new pastry line! Click here for more info.

If you haven't already checked it out, Layla Lounge (501 Morse Street) will be poppin' tonight. Check out DC Fab!'s review from last week here.

If you go to 1837 M Street NW looking for a party you won't find it. The party has moved across the street to (our beloved) Mai Thai (1900 M Street NW). When asked why they decided to switch, Ms. Kimiko said, "We decided to switch for several reasons, Mai Thai is a more elegant venue in general. More intricate decor, very exotic inside...(I'm sure you already know). We felt like the venue better suits the type of crowd we bring out. There were some business reasons but no need to get into detail, I will say Mai Thai will better accomodate our guests and their needs..there will not be long waits at the bar, bottle service, etc." Cool.

p.s. Sayo can you call me back? Thanks!