Monday, July 28, 2008

Recap: Layla Lounge on another Saturday...

Fabulously submitted by
DC Fab! Correspondent
"Uptown Sweetheart"

A DMV native, when I heard Marc Barnes was investing in a new spot, I knew I had to check it out. Here's what happened last weekend:

1. Location, Location, Location
Layla Lounge is located in one of the most random places in the District. Surrounded by warehouses, the area is quite scary to walk in at night, especially if you're by yourself. Fortunately, the inside of the venue makes up for the location. Also the no cover charge (not to my knowledge anyway) gives Layla two points. Shout out to the cutie at the door! :)

Layla Lounge is an intimate and very modern venue with a touch of class. With flat screens placed on every wall, sleek white couches line the first floor. They also have a long bar that wraps around the club. The VIP space is located on the second floor with about six tables and couches, and of course lots of bottles :)

The decor inside Layla Lounge

2. Please Don't Stop the Muuuuusssakkk!
The music was ehhhhhhhh. I was so disappointed in the DJs song selection and the order he played the music in. At around 12 AM he was already playing Bell Biv Devoe's "Poison". Aren't you supposed to play the old school at the end of the night so everyone can get there two step on?

It may look like they're dancing...look again!

3. You look familiar or maybe not!
This was a wonderful opportunity to meet new people. However, the crowd was filled with the Jack and Jill type. You know the kind that only stand around and mingle...don't come here if you're looking to boogie. This place is strictly for the two step. The girls were too cute to get down and the fellas were too busy trying to be ballers.

Ain't that the dude from AND1 with some
can-you-hurry-up-and-finish-my-hair' braids? :)

Some very fab! looking party goers

4. Gimme gimme bars!
It was also nice to have two areas to get drinks. The bartenders were really sweet as well, which made the entire experience that much more enjoyable.

"Uptown Sweetheart" with a group of fab! fans

Fab! Tip: The bathrooms are unisex so ladies if you're looking to pull up, pull down, pull out, adjust or it in the car and hope it lasts all night! :)