Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Recap: Ibiza Nightclub v. Cafe del Mar

I know, I know...I always talk about how I detest larger nightclubs but my girl Sharada was in town for the AKA Boule so we had to show her a good time. 

Ibiza (1222 First Street NE) and Love rivaled the most celebrities in the building last Friday night; we chose Ibiza because it's kind of like the new kid on the block plus it has a great feature that I luv.

It's called Cafe del Mar; the rooftop lounge located atop of this huge nightclub. 

At Ibiza you get a taste of everything. DC's top promoters, socialites, some of the best DJs in town (Shout out to Quicksilva) and even Bow Wow (who I saw boppin' to the music while standing on top of the couches in VIP), DJ Khaled, Ray J and many more stopped by to party.

When you walk inside, you may get confused like, "Why did I wait so long in line? Where's all the people?" (I heard the wait for Friday night was 30-45 minutes at 11 PM!!) But just be patient and walk into the main room -- if you don't see the people, you're blind. With major lighting, a system that vibrates your insides literally and hordes of people; the main room is for people who don't mind saying "Excuse me" every five seconds.

If you're over that whole scene like me, escape to Cafe del Mar. When you first walk in, look to your right for the stairs that takes you straight up. They have a bar and some great lounge areas for you to chill the night away. With a separate DJ playing a nice blend of Hip-hop, R&B, Reggae and Go-Go, it's really easy to forget the party going on downstairs.

Whether you like nightclubs or lounges, Ibiza seems like a great place to go on a Friday night. Just make sure you get on the guestlist to avoid paying too much! :)