Friday, July 18, 2008

Mini Recap: Boris Kodjoe at The Park at 14th

In typical Thursday fare, by 6:30 PM The Park at Fourteenth (920 14th Street NW) was crowded. I didn't see many AKAs (although maybe they just didn't have on their pink and green) but I did see DC's typical socialites, Alphas, Kappas and of course the old men that look like they should be playing golf with my dad.

I luv that yellow dress (far right)

If you're hungry here, as soon as you walk in put your name on the list for a table. Eventually (after about 1.5 hours) you will be seated and the food is worth it (Don't get the jerk chicken wings unless you're really not that hungry...they're more like wingettes! I got GOT!). And don't think you can just hover around the tables and sit down when someone gets up because it doesn't work like will get booted and scooted. :)

By 9 PM, the spotlights were brought out in front of The Park (I suppose letting everyone know the party had started) and a serious line was forming outside. Party veteran Marc Barnes gathered the troops (Team BBC, Dave & Ray (who called me EARRRRLY this morning to let me know the night was another packed success) and the Talk of DC) to get ready for the crowds.

The promoters for the evening: Ray, James, Miles, Dave and BJ

The good thing about The Park is that they didn't act brand new just because the AKAs are in town and the bad thing is that due to the crowds who love to mingle and party here, they've reduced to using plastic cups and putting martinis in champagne flutes (much like Love). I don't know about you but I feel less grown and less sexy carrying around plastic. Fine! I get don't have time to wash and re-use and people break glass but...I suppose I'll just miss the "old" days when I could have my martini in an actual martini glass. ::sigh::

My grainy pic of Boris Kodjoe entering The Park

With so many floors at The Park, my suggestion people, is to utilize the third and fourth floors, which always seem to have a good amount of people...and STOP pushing on the second floor. I was about to get Baltimore on a few people...

Ray of Dave & Ray, one of the promoters for the evening. Yes, we luv the suit!

Anyway...stay fab. :)

p.s. I heart Dave & Ray!