Monday, July 7, 2008

Essence Music Festival | Friday Night Concert

My time in the Nawlins was too short...and who told me to go to Bourbon on the 4th of July? A.Hot.Mess...I guess I'm too "yankee" for that experience and for some reason, I'd rather be that! :) 

Anyway, instead of doing the stereotypical fireworks on the 4th we snagged tickets to the Essence Music Festival thanks to my friend Emile. With a line-up that we've already seen this summer: J. Holiday, Rihanna, Chris Brown and Kanye we still decided it'd be better than standing outside in the muggy Nawlins weather so we went!

(Photo: J. backstage at Essence)

Missing J. Holiday on purpose, we walked in when Rihanna was on stage, which was perfect timing because we kinda' missed her set when she came to the DMV earlier this summer. She pretty much did a shorter version of her set. Still, what was up with the wack background dancers?

(Photo: Rih Rih in a cute dress that she wore throughout her performance. With little energy, Rih Rih didn't wow anybody)

People really didn't get on their feet until her boyfriend Chris Brown hit the stage. Every teenage girl was screaming through most of his performance and although it was a family show, pelvic thrusts to songs like "Take You Down" made me wanna cover the 10 year old girl's eyes who was sitting in front of me. Her mama ain't mind tho. Besides dancing too long and wearing these gawd awful electric blue pants, Chris was much better than his (hush hush) girlfriend who lacked a lot of energy during her performance. 

Was I the only one pumped with Bow Wow came out to perform "Shorty Like Mine"? 

(Photo: Bow Wow back stage at Essence)

I knew Kanye would ignite the stage but I wondered if he'd be able to pull it off without his elaborate set. I luvvv Kanye because (of course) he didn't disappoint. With the same energy as he had in Virginia, different lighting techniques and more of his hit singles, Kanye had me on my feet. Of course he had to perform his remix to "A Milli" and big upped Lil Wayne, which sent the Super Dome into a frenzy. I swear, Lil Wayne is like the mayor of the NO.

The concert didn't end until 1 AM. They should have started the concert earlier...even the biggest fan was getting a little sleepy in that cold Super Dome. Although I haven't been to an Essence Music Festival since Susan Taylor's tenure (I think Luther Vandross was headlining so it was a minute ago), this concert didn't disappoint...I kinda' miss Susan tho. 

Okay y'all...I'm back on vacation! :) 

p.s. Has anyone seen that new Jazmine Sullivan video? Hotness.