Thursday, June 5, 2008

Recap: Big Tigger Takes on AIDS at Town Hall

Big Tigger kicked off the 7th Annual Celebrity Classic with a Town Hall Meeting and Celebrity Panel Discussion focused on the HIV/AIDS pandemic. The weekend is anticipated to boast several fab! events that will include a long list of DC-based and national celebrities. However, Big Tigger wanted to "use his celebrity" to serve a greater cause, taking responsibility as an urban leader within the African American community to address the war on HIV/AIDS.

(Photo: Big Tigger shown with Mayor Adrian Fenty and Cousin Jeff who both participated in the panel discussion)

Held at Shiloh Baptist Church (1500 9th Street, NW), WPGC 95.5's DJ Flexx & Rane hosted the event, updating the audience with several facts and statistics on HIV/AIDS. Due to the inconsistent weather, the turn out for the event was poor. Thankfully WPGC broadcasted the panel discussion on a special edition of "Yo! Listen Up!".

The panel was very informative in offering new and recurring information. The live broadcast also fielded questions from the radio audience, which provoked an interesting discussion of ways we can combat this pandemic and increase awareness.

(Photo: Dr. Pierre Vigilance, director of the D.C. Department of Health and Big Tigger)
Did you know that DC is now #1 in the nation with HIV-infected residents? Were you aware that the majority of new HIV/AIDS cases are primarily comprised of minority women (especially African American women)? These statistics are daunting. As a resident of Prince George's County, I knew that the HIV/AIDS pandemic was affecting my neighbors in unimaginable ways, however, I was completely ignorant about the severity of the matter.

(Photo: Big Tigger laughing at a comment made by Cousin Jeff, one of the more exciting panelists)

While statistics are great, I was more interested in "practical solutions", as presented by BET's Cousin Jeff. Annual testing is the number one agent in preventing further cases of HIV/AIDS. In DC, 10% of residents between the ages of 13-24 are infected with HIV/AIDS. Not only getting tested but knowing your results is key to breaking the spread of this disease.

Events will continue for Big Tigger's 7th Annual Celebrity Classic with Go-Go L.I.V.E., tonight at Fur Nightclub (33 Patterson Street NE). A mobile testing facility will also be on location. 

People, get tested...knowing truly is fabulous.

*UPDATE* To see the Video Recap, click here!!!!!