Monday, June 23, 2008

Recap: 1693's Technicolor at Olives

Im going to start off by saying I blame Miles for telling the bartender (shout to Chanel!), "They can order whatever they want." All bad!

(Photo: Team BBC's Miles with Marc Barnes, a legend in the DC party scene and Dave of Dave & Ray)

Anyway, 1693's June attempt to put some color on the party scene worked. Without thier normal bag of tricks (I really expected some colorful lighting, glow sticks... perhaps even the spotlights outside I thought would have some multicolor aspect) but no, 1693 just supplied a classy venue for a nice party.

(Photo: My night vision camera captured all the patrons enjoying Olives last Saturday)

I go out too much to worry about which dress would be perfect for this occasion. Still, the women were decked out in what looked like a nod to Prom night. They definitely looked good although some of them did a little too much. But I can't hate... my middle name is 'too much' (no smart comments needed. Thanks.).

Men definitely came hard as in they looked good. If you didn't have on a suit jacket in Olives (1600 K Street NW) you were slacking.

And while we're on the men, I don't know if it was because of the particularly strong (and overpriced) drinks... Did my apple martini really come to $16 and some change?! (And why can't the makeshift bar on the first level have glasses like the other two bars? I understand that's normally the kitchen but it is the most convenient bar and you just can't look cute holding plastic) but men came out with the game tonight. Is it beause its hot? Summer is a natural aphrodisiac but please leave the lines and the lies at home.

Some guy actually walked up on me and my homegirl with a dumb look on his face and just stood there... We're like ..."Hi???"... He responds,"How do I look?"

"Dumb," I say in all seriousness and I think that made him more intrigued. Boo. Another guy told me he was a toll booth operator...he was wearing seersucker. I don't believe you and why would you say that? Why don't you go to the store and buy some conversation.

(Photo: The night vision caught patrons enjoying themselves on the lower level)

Still, although I've seen it get crazier at Olives, there was no mass confusion at the door (thank God), the line outside the girls bathroom never got stupid long and although it was hot (one of the AC's broke right before the party) it was the most dancing I saw at Olives ever!

One patron said the party felt like an afterhours happy hour. Another said it felt very cliquish... and perhaps it is.

(Photo: DC Fab! Girl with DJ Harry Hotter)

Harry Hotter played the bangers... He even played Wayne and Babyface's new song,"Comfortable" twice. That's my jam so I didn't mind the repeat.

By the end of the night, if you didn't make it up to the upper room... too bad cuz it was hella hot and hella fun... and even had places to rest your feet ladies.

(Photo: The party girls: Alex, our new art critic, Chelsea and DC Fab! Girl chillen in the upper room)

A good effort... Solid fun... B+/A-