Friday, June 13, 2008

My Friday Night Picks

You really should be headed to VA to see Anita Baker, but if you're not a fan like I am, here are some local nightspots that should be poppin' off tonight.
(in no particular order!!!!)

1. Love (1350 Okie Street NW). Apparently, Alicia Keys, Ne-Yo, Biz Markie and Slick Rick will all be in the building. Ms. Keys and Ne-Yo will be performing live at the Verizon Center tonight and if you haven't gotten your tickets yet...don't worry they haven't sold out.

2. Fur (33 Patterson St.). CALLING ALL TREY SONGZ FANS! He'll be here tonight. I really dislike this club but feel free to check it out.

3. Ibiza (1222 First St.) Around the corner from  Fur is Ibiza, another mega club that tries to bring a little bit of everything. Sneak up to the rooftop for more of a lounge feel. Click here to get in free before 11. 

And if you don't like big these all are, then check out my next post. It's about a spot I found tucked in Adams may be the new chill spot.