Friday, June 13, 2008

Mini Recap: Evolve in Adams Morgan

Yesterday I was invited to meet a friend at a relatively new spot in Adams Morgan called Evolve (1817 Columbia Rd. NW). Tucked right off of the main road in AM, Evolve feels like 'Miami meets DC' with drinks like Sinful Delight (can I say yum?) and Angel Passion...although be careful because the cute bartender won't tell you everything that's in it!

(Photo: The 2nd floor lounge in Evolve makes you feel like you've stepping onto South Beach)

Right after work, Evolve is definitely a neighborhood spot with locals stopping in to talk to the three owners who were all there yesterday. Still, at night, it's a great place to have a chill dinner with your boo or have drinks with friends.

Ladies, try to take over the white lounge area in the front of the restaurant/'s very sexy and great for taking loads of pics! :) The chef there used to work at Old Ebbitt Grill (if you haven't been to his DC staple, try this place out too...) so you know it's good.

Try it out for yourself! :)