Thursday, June 19, 2008

Bruce Bruce and Guy Torry at Constitution Hall!

Everytime I think of Bruce Bruce I can't help singing "Get crunk with it/get loose with it/Like Short said let Bruce Bruce hit it!!"

Well for all those who are gonna let him hit (the thought of that makes me vomit a little bit...sorry), he's coming to DAR Constitution Hall (1776 D St NW) on June 21. Tickets went on sale today!

He'll be joined with other funny guys Guy Torry, Talent, who will host and the "African King of Comedy" Michael Blackson (If you're on the front row when he's on the mic make sure you don't make eye contact...or just make sure you're on point because he will clown you!)

Anyway the show starts at 8 PM and tickets are $55...get them here!